British Chess Championships 2021

In 2021, the British Chess Championships will again be held in Torquay. After the Coronavirus pandemic caused the cancellation of the booking for this year, this is the simplest, most economic option available to the ECF. The schedule has yet to be finalised, but the festival will start on Thursday 22nd July or Friday 23rd July with events running until Sunday 1st August. A schedule will be published as soon as we are able.
It is intended to start the British Chess Championship itself on Saturday 24th July with the final matches, including playoffs, if required, on Sunday 1st August. However, this will be dependent on which dates FIDE chooses to run the Olympiad, and will be confirmed once we have been able to take that into account.
Prior to the British Championships, the Glorney Cup and the other associated competitions will be held at the same venue, starting on Monday 19th July.