The ECF is pleased to announce that this year’s British Chess Championships will be held at Hull City Hall and the DoubleTree by Hilton in Hull City Centre, with events running from Thursday 25th July to Sunday 4th August 2024 across the two city centre venues.

This year’s Championships are being supported by Hull and East Riding Chess Association, Hull City Council, Hull Culture and Leisure, Visit Hull and East Yorkshire, the Chess Trust and the John Robinson Youth Chess Trust.

The ECF wishes to thank all of the above for their generous support for the 2024 British Championships, and looks forward to running the next in the historic series of British Championships, which started in 1904. This will be the 110th British Chess Championship, and a welcome return to Hull which last hosted a full British in 2018.

We have extended the playing facilities for 2024 to include the City Hall in the historic Queen Victoria Square and also the DoubleTree by Hilton on Ferensway, with about 11 minutes’ walk between the two venues.

Playing Schedule

This year’s Championships will be played over 10 days following a similar format to recent years.

The provisional schedule is set out below, and is based on the standard format with the main Championship, Major Open, Senior and Junior championships located at the City Hall, and the Weekend Open and AM and PM congresses located at the DoubleTree. In addition, we have introduced British Junior Rapidplay and Blitz Championships to complete the full set of championship events at different time controls. Prize giving ceremonies are on the final Sunday after the last round or playoffs if required.

A = am, P = PM, E = Evening. Numbers denote round numbers. PO = Playoff if required.

Time Controls

* Please note that locations for some of the quickplay events are provisional at this stage and may move between venues depending on entry numbers.

Tournament Details
Details for the various tournaments can be found at the links below including schedules, format, entry fees, prizes and elgibility:

Main Championship – https://www.britishchesschampionships.co.uk/british-championship

Major Open – https://www.britishchesschampionships.co.uk/major-open

Senior Championships – https://www.britishchesschampionships.co.uk/british-senior-championships

Junior Championships – https://www.britishchesschampionships.co.uk/british-junior-championships

Weekender and Weekday Congresses – https://www.britishchesschampionships.co.uk/weekend-and-weekday-events

Rapidplay and Blitz Events – https://www.britishchesschampionships.co.uk/rapidplay-and-blitz-events


Eligibility and Qualifying
The British Championship, British Junior Championships and British Senior Championships are restricted to citizens of the UK, British Overseas Territories, or the Republic of Ireland or players who have been resident for the last 12 months as at 30th June 2024 in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Channel Islands, or the Isle of Man. In addition players wanting to take part in the main British championship will need to qualify based on their title, rating or other qualification criteria as set out in:
a) the British Championships Eligibility and Qualification Regulations
b) the supporting British Grand Prix Rules

The current list of players qualifying for the British Championships can be found here: BCC Qualifiers 2024. The final list of qualifying players will be published in June 2024 with any amendments and additional qualifiers.

The interim British Grand Prix leaderboard can be found at the link here for information purposes only:
This will be replaced with the final British Grand Prix leaderboard which will take into account results in FIDE rated events played in the British Isles from 1st June 2023 to 31st May 2024. British Grand Prix Qualifications will be awarded based on places in the final leaderboard only.

The British Junior and British Seniors Championships are open to all eligible players based on citizenship or residency as above, with no specific qualification requirements.

All other events outside of the British Championship, British Junior Championships and British Senior Championships are open events, with no specific eligibility or qualification requirements.

Tournament Rules
Please follow this link for the rules for the various British tournaments – 2024 British Chess Championship Tournament Rules

English players MUST be members of the English Chess Federation. 
ECF Gold membership is required for all events. Entrants are encouraged to ensure that they have the correct level of membership before the event begins – if you are unsure the ECF Office can help. Please call 01424 775222 between 9am and 5pm weekdays. Please note – entries will not be accepted from players whose membership is not at the correct level.

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Live Boards, Commentary and Junior Coaching

As with last year’s competition in Leicester the main Championship games will be played on live boards and broadcast on the internet. We will also be organising an on-site bookstall, commentary, and junior coaching which will run during the course of the junior championships.


As in previous years, there will be a full programme of social and outdoor events, including lectures, simuls, drop-in chess, and local tours/walks around the fascinating city of Hull. Click here for details – https://www.britishchesschampionships.co.uk/british-chess-championships-2024-social-programme/

Accommodation and Parking in Hull
Follow this link for details of accommodation and parkling in Hull – https://www.britishchesschampionships.co.uk/accommodation-and-parking-in-hull/

Glorney Cup
We are also pleased to announce that the ECF has been asked to run this year’s Glorney Cup which we have decided to stage from 23rd to 25th July (i.e. immediately before the British Championships) at the Canham Turner Building in Hull University. The Glorney Gilbert International is an international junior team event that has been running continuously since 1949 and this year is expected to include teams from England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, together with an international team. You can find further details here – https://www.englishchess.org.uk/glorney-cup-2024/ – and here – https://www.glorneycupchess.org/

Email: manager.british@englishchess.org.uk
Tel: 01424 775222 (office hours only)