Conditions of entry 2018

No entries can be accepted except on an official entry form or online at the Championship website. Additional forms can be obtained from the ECF and Championship websites or by contacting the ECF Office with a stamped addressed envelope.

English players MUST be members of the English Chess Federation. Gold membership is required for FIDE-rated Standardplay events and Silver for all others, including FIDE-rated Rapidplay.  Members should quote their membership number on the entry form. Other players MUST be a member of their national body.

For the purposes of this tournament, the following guidelines will apply concerning ECF membership and membership of other Federations:

a. FIDE-rated sections

(a) Players whose FIDE registration is England (ENG) must be:
(i) ECF Gold members in for standard play events;
(ii) ECF Silver members for rapid play events;
(iii) ECF Bronze members in blitz events

(b) Players whose FIDE registration is Wales (WLS), Scotland (SCO), Ireland (IRL), Guernsey (GCI) or Jersey (JCI) do not need ECF membership provided that they are members of their respective Federations.

(c) Players whose FIDE registration is with any other country must be ECF Silver members.

(a) Where a player has no FIDE registration, they must choose a Federation, and the relevant rule of (a), (b) or (c) above will apply.

b. ECF-graded sections

(a) Players resident in England or the Isle of Man must be ECF Silver members;

(b) Players resident in Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Guernsey or Jersey do not need ECF membership provided that they are members of their respective Federations.

(c) Players resident in any other country outside the British Isles must be ECF Silver members.

To avoid late fees, both the entry form and entry fee MUST BE RECEIVED before the ‘late fee’ date. Note – a £10 surcharge will apply to entries made on the day of an event, if accepted.

The prize lists will be published on this website as soon as the Congress is finished.

Prizes must be claimed by 30th September 2018. Prize winners must ensure that they provide the details of their bank account (account name, sort code, account number, name of bank) to the Congress Office on the prize slip provided, or to the ECF Office by 30th September 2018. Prizes not claimed by 30th September 2018 will be forfeit.

Obtaining a FIDE Identification Number
All entrants playing in a FIDE-rated section must have a FIDE ID Number AT THE TIME OF SUBMITTING THEIR ENTRY, unless they wish their FIDE nationality to be England. English players without a FIDE ID number will have one created at the time the rating files are submitted to FIDE.
PLEASE NOTE – at the time of writing, changing this nationality later costs 250 Euros.

Overlapping events
Players may not take part in two tournaments on the same day if the sessions are
scheduled at the same time.

Please note that photographs will be taken at the event which may be used for publicity purposes both for the current Championships and those in future years. Any objection by an individual to the same being published should be notified to the event organisers. Information on how we use the data you provide us is included in the conditions of entry section on our website (a paper copy of which is available on request via the ECF Office). The ECF Data Controller is Gary Willson.

In non-championship events, the preferred way for byes to be claimed is on the entry form where at all possible. Players may request up to 2 half-point byes in the Major Open and Rapidplay and one half-point bye in other sections. A player will score 0 if a half-point bye is requested in the last round. If a tournament permits two half-point byes, then a player will score 0 if the second half-point bye request is in the last round, or if both the half-point byes are requested in the last two rounds.

Entry to the Championships is deemed to be acceptance of the conditions shown on the site – see Page Two for the BCC GDPR statement