Conditions & Entry Forms

No entries can be accepted except on an official entry form or online via the online entry form at English players MUST be members of the English Chess Federation. Gold membership is required for FIDE-rated events (other than rapidplay) and Silver for others. Silver membership is required for FIDE-rated rapidplay. Members should quote their membership number on the entry form. Other players MUST be a member of their national body.

To avoid late fees, both the entry form and entry fee MUST BE RECEIVED before the ‘late fee’ date. Note – an additional £10 surcharge will apply to entries made on the day of an event, if accepted. Prizes must be claimed, and bank details provided, by 31st October 2021


If you’d sooner download and print an entry form and fill it in to send to the office –

British Championship and Women’s Championship
The September ratings will be used to display the entrants on the website. The October rating list will be used to determine the pairings in the British Championship and Women’s Championship.
For Junior and Senior Championships the ratings used for each tournament will be in the following order of priority –
FIDE OTB Rating (September 2021)
ECF/National OTB Rating (September 2021)
ECF/National Online Rating (September 2021)
Where a player has none of the above, the organisers will assign an estimate based on all available data on a case-by-case basis, failing which the player will be assigned a rating of 0. The ratings allocated by this process will be used in the calculation of any relevant prizes. Players who have to be assigned a rating of 0 will not be eligible for a performance prize.

Obtaining a FIDE ID
All entrants playing in a FIDE-rated section must have a FIDE ID AT THE TIME OF SUBMITTING THEIR ENTRY, unless they wish their FIDE nationality to be England. English players without a FIDE ID number will have one created at the time the rating files are submitted to FIDE. Please note that at the time of writing, changing this nationality later costs 250 Euros, payable by the player.

COVID Safety Guidelines
All players and organisers are asked to follow HMG guidance in effect at the time of the event –
The organisers are discussing COVID safety arrangements with both venues, and there will be a number of measures in force for the championship events including –

  • Players will be asked not to attend an event if they have symptoms, or have tested positive for COVID, or are required to self-isolate
  • Ventilation of playing areas will be in effect as allowed by the venue
  • Additional sideways and backwards distancing will be in place between boards
  • Face coverings will be requested at the board (unless medically or age-exempt) and there will be a supply of face coverings at the venues
  • Players allowed to play without face coverings where both agree
  • Both players allowed a half point bye where a player is paired against a player who is unable or unwilling to wear a mask and suitable risk reduction measures/ adjustments cant be agreed
  • Hand sanitiser available at or near boards with players encouraged to use it before and after rounds
  • Spectators limited at the venue and by invitation only
  • Venue restrictions will apply at all times outside of the playing area

Detailed COVID Safety regulations will be shared with players in advance of the relevant championships including any changes/ amendments to the above. Please note that the arrangement may be subject to change if HMG regulations or guidance change before or during the events.

Overlapping events
Players may not take part in two tournaments on the same day if the sessions are scheduled at the same time. The preferred way to claim a bye is on the entry form where at all possible. Players may request up to 2 half-point byes in any section. A player will score 0 if a half-point bye is requested in the last round. If a player requests two byes then they will score 0 if the second half-point bye request is in the last round, or if both the half-point byes are requested in the last two rounds.

Tie breaks
Where there is a tie for first place, the following tie-breaks will be used –
(1) Direct Encounter (2) Median-Buchholz (3) Buchholz Cut 1 (4) Buchholz
To qualify for the English Championship prize, players must be FIDE registered as ENG.

PGN streaming and video
Please note that games will be played on live boards with PGNs streamed live to support the commentary stream. Videos may also be taken for the top boards.

Please note that photographs will be taken at the event which may be used for publicity purposes both for the current Championships and those in future years.

Any objection by an individual to streaming, video or  photography as above should be notified to the event organisers. Information on how we use the data you provide us can be found here – Entry to the Championships is deemed to be acceptance of the conditions shown on this site.

The ECF gratefully acknowledges the support given to this event by The John Robinson Youth Chess Trust & The Chess Trust. The Congress Director is Kevin Staveley, the Managers are Dr Stephen Greep [Hull] and Adrian Elwin [Milton Keynes]. The Treasurer for the event is David Eustace and the Chief Arbiter will be IA Shohreh Bayat.