Notable games

The Alexander Prize and Games of the Day

The Alexander Prize is awarded at each British Chess Championships for the best game played in the main championship. This year the prize will be awarded by a panel consisting of WIM Natasha Regan, GM Matthew Sadler, and IM Richard Palliser. The panel has also been selecting a game of the day from each round of the Championship as shown in the playable games below. In some cases two games have been selected where this was felt to be appropriate for the round.

The best game prize will be announced after Round 9 on Sunday 21st August 2022 based on the games of the day together with any other games which are put forward for consideration by players or others.

This year the Alexander Prize will consist of a Chessable British Chess Championship medal and £100, which will go to the winner of the selected game.

Games of the Day

Round 1 – Chris Ward v Martin Walker – 1-0 – King’s Indian Defence
Round 2 – Keith Arkell v Lan Yao – 1-0 – English Opening
Round 3 – Alex Eleonthis v Richard Pert – 0-1 – Reti Opening
Round 4 – Nigel Davies v David Eggleston – 1-0 – Catalan Opening
Round 4 – Tom Villers v Ionannis Lentzos – 1-0 – Caro Kann
Round 5 – Matthew Wadsworth v Lan Yao – 1-0 – Reti Opening
Round 5 – Keith Arkell v Ezra Kirk – 1-0 – Kings Indian Defence
Round  6 – Harry Grieve v Danny Gormally – 1-0 – Sicilian, Rauzer attack
Round 7 – Danny Gormally v John Merriman – 1-0 – French Defence Tarrasch variation
Round 8 – Antanas Zapolskis v Gwylim Price – 1-0 – Sicilian Taimanov Four Knights
Round 9 – Matthew Wadsworth v Harry Grieve – 0-1 – English Opening

Rounds 1-9

Alexander Prize
The winner of the Alexander Prize for the best game in the championship is – Round 8 – Antanas Zapolskis v Gwylim Price – 1-0 – Sicilian Taimanov Four Knights