Rating Prizes

Major Open: 1801-1900 £50, Under 1800 £50

AM Open: Under 1925 £25

U180/2050: Under 1800 £25

U160/1900: Under 1700 £25

U140/1750: Under 1600 £25

U120: Under 100 £25

U100: Under 80 £25


The rating prizes will be calculated on W-We, where W is the number of points scored, We is the expected number of points based on the difference between the ratings of the players in the game.

A player is only eligible for a rating prize if —

– The player has not defaulted any games in the tournament, and

– The player had not withdrawn from the tournament (or taken a Bye in the final round)

Players allocated a rating of 0 (see Allocation of Ratings in Tournament Rules) are not eligible for rating prizes.

Where there is a tie for a rating prize, the prize shall be won by the lowest-rated player involved in the tie.

Where a player wins a place prize and a rating prize, the player will win whichever prize is of the higher value.