Feedback – the Under 8s

To all those responsible for the Under 8 tournament on Saturday, a huge thank-you!
This was a superbly organised tournament with the perfect balance between encouraging the children and keeping the parents in order. The use of the Championship boards and that technology was similarly superb and an innovation which I hope gets carried forward to future years.  The difference it makes to the competitors is enormous.
Due credit also goes to the coaches on hand to go through the games afterwards. Their experience in teaching children at that level was invaluable and their time was also much appreciated.
I’m sure you will also get good feedback on the quality of the venue – Warwick University is a great location with suitable facilities.
While my daughter’s result was not the best (1/6!), the certificate she received is proudly displayed in her bedroom.  More important to me is that she enjoyed the experience and has asked to read some chess books.
With best wishes for the remainder of the Championships …

– Joe Monk