Welcome and notes for players

A warm welcome to the Chessable British Chess Championships for all players taking part in the events, as well as parents and guardians.

The Championship events start on Monday the 8th of August with the various competitions running over two weeks until Sunday 21st August. You can find the full schedule of events on the BCC website home page together with a list of entries for each competition. Please check your competition entry or entries carefully to make sure that we have your details shown correctly including your ratings and any bye requests. Please let us know straight away if you see any errors with an email to manager.british@englishchess.org.uk

The BCC events will be situated in the arena and the upstairs area of the the Riviera International Centre. There will be signage available at the centre to direct you towards the various events. You should aim to be at the board in good time in advance of each of the rounds that you will be playing in. All events have been entered into Swiss Manager and pairings will be made available on Chess-results.com before the start of each round. The pairings with board numbers will also be posted in the playing areas so that you can find your board before each round. We will have DGT liveboards for all of the championship events including the British Championships, the Senior and Junior Championships, and the Major Open. 

Moves from games with liveboards will be broadcast on the internet with commentary during week two (see the broadcast page for more details). There will be a separate commentary room with the liveboard broadcasts on a flatscreen TV for both weeks, and commentary in week two available for spectators to follow the games. We will also have a seating area at the front of the top boards of the Championship so that players and spectators/parents can watch the boards.

There will also be a junior coach on site to support the junior competitions and with two group coaching sessions during week one – further details on the coaching page

Lastly we have a full programme of social chess events – further details on the social programme page.

If you have any questions please email them to manager.british@englishchess.org.uk. There will be an office with the organising team at the event, and competition arbiters who will be situated in the playing areas for each event. If you have any questions on the day of your match please do approach one of the team directly.

Best wishes from the BCC organising team – good luck and enjoy the BCC events whether you are playing or watching!